How to add a new page to your Website (Lead-IT - DNN9):

Lead-IT adopts DNN9 (DotNetNuke) CMS system, which lets you create and modify your own pages without web design knowledge, to add new page to your website, please follow the following steps: 1- Login to your website using your admin account, then a black Control Panel vertical bar should appear on the left side 2- Click on Pages in the menu under the bars Icon as shown below. 3- A list of your website pages should appear as follow, with controls to manage and move your pages 4- To add a new page click "Add Page" blue button on the top right side of the panel, as shown below:

How to change your Email Password

When you start your email service with Lead-IT, you get your emails created with simple password, it is strongly recommended to change your password to your own. To change your password please follow the following easy steps: 1- login to your email account at 2- on the top right corner open account settings like in this picture: 4- Find Login > Login on the left side panel:

Email Settings With Lead-IT

Lead-IT email service is compatible with most of the international mail servers and it is secured with SSL connection and encryption that provides you the highest security levels for your information that you may transfer using emails.