What do we mean by Scalable / Extendible website?

In previous article we have explained what do we mean by CMS website as "that allows non-technical users to control the content of the website without technical skills", and we have talked about that advantage.

Extendible website takes it to the next level, converts your website to web application. Ok, so what is the different between a website and web application?

Website traditionally known to have one way of information flow (i.e information is sent from the website and read by the visitor), while web application is that website that has two (or more) ways of information flow, users of the web applications input data and data is processed by the system and users output data as well.

A traditional basic application is the well-known "Contact Us" where visitor enters his information and message and contact the website owner through email.



Note: All Lead-IT websites comes with "Contact Us" form out of the box for free.

The beauty of Lead-IT websites is its ability to expand into any type of applications, not only web applications but also mobile applications, this opens the field for unlimited applications and possibilities, whenever you want to expand your business in any direction.