What do we mean by CMS website?

CMS stands for "Content Management System", it may apply for different types of systems, but in web design it refers to:

A system that allows non-technical user to control the content of the website without the knowledge of webmaster technical skills.


Before CMS systems websites were just static HTML pages where websites owners used to use a webmaster to make any small changes in their website content, later appeared dynamic websites where owners can add and edit content to their websites mainly through articles or announcements, and finally appeared CMS websites where owners can also change the layout of the page as well as changing the content.

All Lead-IT websites are CMS based they allow you not just to modify your content the way you want, but also add and remove pages to your website or do URL re-writing for SEO-friendly URLs, although we still recommend that you use webmasters at Lead-IT support team to build your content to save you time and ensure good output quality.

When you build your website for the first time Lead-IT team edit all or most of your website pages for free to ensure quality and good user experience.

Lead-IT CMS websites are based on DNN (formerly DotNetNuke) which is a powerful robust extendible system.