What do we mean by responsive website design?

By 2017 the usage of internet on smartphones has reached more than double the usage on Desktop devices

Responsive website design is the design that adapts its layout to the layout of the current device. It is different from mobile redirects that the same page and same content displays in a different way responding to the device currently in use.

Fortunately Lead-IT Websites and Web Applications Designs are all fully responsive, and display perfectly on all devices, Desktops, Mobiles and Tablets. It is easy to test our designs in the demo website, by accessing it from different devices.



Advantages of responsive designs:

- Reach more customers, with the statistics about smartphone internet usage, thinking about smartphone users is not optional anymore, actually we thinking about smartphone and tablet users should come first.

- User Experience: Your user will normally feel more comfortable dealing with mobile friendly website, this will let him stay on your website and interact with your content.

- SEO Advantage, now Google search has formally decided to rank down the websites that are not mobile ready, on search results for mobile it will also show something like warning that the website is not mobile ready.