Online Store Basic Guide, Lead-IT DNN9

Lead-IT adopts DNN9 , modules along with its themes to provide you a powerful and easy to use online store with premium support.

Online Store Overview

When your store starts you are provided an admin control panel for the store which typically has the following left hand menu:

Manage Store Categories

Let's start adding new category, Click on Categories to open the next page:
you may open a category to add sub categories or you may edit a category to change its name, etc.

Adding Items/Products to the store

Let's start adding new item under the new category, click on Articles >> Add, the following screen should show:

1- Set the name of the Item and its code (usually code used for your internal trackings), ans SEO (Search engine friendly names and titles for the page), that should help your item appear in search engines.
An Item should have at least one Model and can have multiple models each model with different prices and settings.

2- Scroll down to add more settings for your new item, set the name, description for this model, and most important is price, the retail price is the default price, while you can put the item on sale if you specify the sale price, this will display "On sale " label on the product, while dealer prices are special prices that the dealers can get usually for wholesale.

3- entering item description is straight forward

4- You may specify options for your item, that charges extra fees.

5- Click on Images to upload your product images.

6- Important to set categories for your item, an item can have multiple categories.

7- You may set properties for your item, for example select designer.

8-  you may select related product to be displayed with the item details

9- Click save to save the new item.

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