EMail Settings for Mobile Phones (Android)

Lead-IT email service is compatible with most of the international mail servers and clients and it is secured with SSL connection and encryption that provides you the highest security levels.

In this previous article all information needed to setup your Email account on any email client using Windows Live Mail, but in todays world when mobile is more important, you will be able also to setup your secured Lead-IT Email account on your phone, this example shows you how to setup it on Android but using IPhone should be very similar.

1- Open Android default Email APP:

2- To Add your Email account click Add Account as follows:

3- Enter your email account that Lead-IT sent to you example and your password, then click Click "MANUAL SETUP"

4- Select IMAP, for server settings, (Note POP3 also works with Lead-IT servers)

5- Enter Lead-IT Email server settings for incoming emails as follow then click next:
Security Type: TLS (Accept All Certificates)
Port : 993

5- Enter Settings for Outgoing Emails, same like previous settings but with Port Number: 587