How To Edit Page Content Lead-IT DNN9 Websites

Lead-IT websites are based on DNN (DotNetNuke) CMS system, which lets you manage your pages content without web design knowledge, in addition Lead-IT provides you powerful modules to let you manage your content in easy and efficient way.

Your Website page is typically divided into "Panes"  (Which is like spaces or boxes) and "Modules" (which are inserted in "Panes" and actually carry your content).

The most important module is the HTML/Text module which lets you insert text, images and embed videos into your page.

In this tutorial we will add HTML module and fill it with Data into an empty page

1- Login with your Website admin account
2- Open the page you want to edit
3- On the left Control panel bar you should see a pen icon for editing the page as shown in the following picture, click on it.

4- When you enter the "Edit Mode" you will see your page "Panes" as dotted placeholders, like in the following picture:

5- To enter content inside a pane you need to place a "Module", for example let's place some content on the header top pane
6- Click on "Add New Module" Icon on bottom left side of the page
7- A pop up will show to let you choose what kind of module you are going to add,  we are going to select HTML/Text Module which will let us add texts, Images and more
use the top search bar to find your module type.

8- Click the plus (+) sign to add this module to the page, and wait for the progress bar to finish.

9- A new module will be shown ready to be inserted in any of the page "Panes" drag and drop this HTML module to your desired location

10- You may scroll to reach the target location on the page then drag and drop the module on the desired "Pane"

11- When you hover on the module you will get options to modify its content and settings, or move the module to another pane

12- Lets Click on Edit Content to start adding content to this module. A rich text editor will pop up with options to type and format text and images.

13- Enter the new text and format it, then click save.
14- see your changes on the page, now you may want to remove or Edit the Module Title that says "HTML/TEXT", to do so click on Module Settings icon (The gear icon)
15- You may change the Module Title to any text you want.

16- To hide the title Click on Page Settings, then uncheck "Display Container" to Hide the Title of the Module.(Alternatively you may select a container with name "No title")

17- Click Update to view your page changes.

Now you can apply the same scenario to fill up the page panes and format your page the way you want.

Please leave a comment for questions!