Email Settings With Lead-IT

Lead-IT email service is compatible with most of the international mail servers and it is secured with SSL connection and encryption that provides you the highest security levels for your information that you may transfer using emails.

Weather you are going to use an email client program or the web mail service, you will be covered with secure connections.

To setup your Lead-IT email accounts on any email clients please follow the following instrcutions, the following example uses Windows Live Mail email client, but you may apply it to any email client, desktop or mobile application.

1- Enter the settings as it is described in this image


2- Enter the server settings as in the following picture and select the "Require SSL option" and enter 587 for the SMTP port.
Note: It is your choice to select POP or IMAP incoming mail server
Note you may still use the default insecure settings but we recommend using the secure settings


You may use these settings to connect through any other mail client program

Please chat or contact us for any questions